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 Architectural outdoor luminaries.      

When crafting outdoor LED luminaires for the architectural market, there are specific product requirements to which to adhere – from outdoor sustainability against harsh direct sunlight to water resistance.

 The dled light fixture is designed to be as powerful and small in footprint as possible, resulting in heat sinking and low-power challenging design.

 Furthermore, excellent adjustability for illuminating concentrated areas is a must, which is why we recognized rigid and durable degrees of freedom as key components during the design process. For instance, we made sure to include water-resistant fixtures with an IP rating of 67.

 Flamingo has designed numerous outdoor LED light fixtures for the architectural market. You can find some examples here.



Consumer Electronics


Hypertales Tel Aviv




Powerful lightning in a small footprint for the outdoor environment. 


Conceptual Design

Product Design & Engineering

Mechanical Engineering 

Production folder

Manufacturing Supervision.

PopUp GangBang.2.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 13.19.39.png
Hashmurot Bridge-5 d-led.jpg
Hashmurot Bridge
Hive-technical drawings3-01.png
City of David-12 d-led.jpg
City of David
ginger S-technical drawing-01.png
Menora Hall-1 d-led.jpg
Menorah Mivtachim Arena
Drawing_Resist (1).png
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