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April Fool 2019


SodaStreamMe is an on-the-go bottle add on that enables you to carbonate your own drink simply by blowing into it, thus releasing your excess CO2. The idea for this fake product is based on very real research about the excessive amounts of CO2 in space.  The product commissioned by Sodastream intl. creative department for April Fool 2019. 

April Fools’ pranks have become a SodaStream tradition, and we took this one to the next level by rooting it in scientific research conducted with NASA Astronaut and former ISS Commander  - Scott Kelly, making the prank more credible. 

Although being a fictional product, the design process was identical to a real-life one, addressing functionalities, materials, and appearance. SodastremMe concept turns the fun gesture of bubble making by blowing a straw into a functional one. The new user experience is achieved by assigning one spout for blowing and second for drinking. The double spout configuration gives the fake product a distinguished shape at one hand and authenticity on the other.

All lamps.105.jpg
All lamps 2.108.jpg
Table 01.250.jpg
Under Cabinet 03.619.jpg
Pwer Assembly 01.1315.jpg
galery file-1-06.png
Pwer Assembly 01.1328.jpg
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