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   Gastro Endoscopy surgical device.       

Contemporary school learning is not confined to the classroom, it's done at any available space, hallways, school yard and rooftops. And even when done at the traditional classroom, it’s done at groups, raws or circles. One thing is common for all these new formations, they need power outlet to support student’s laptops. But not only, students come to school not only with laptop, but also with mobile phones, earphones and their scooter or e-bike, all need power supply for long period of time. 


Our project initiated by this need from Ankori, private school chain  spread across Israel who faced this need at their classrooms. During the development process we’ve met students from different class range, teachers, school principles and operation mangers. Each one delivered different needs from the future solution. From charging mobile phones and laptops to shooting the class to remote learning and having a bluetooth speaker included (it is for high school students …)


This factors and others, such as reliability, durability (again it is high school environment…) and regulatory processed into series of optional solutions which in turn presented to the different users for review and feedback. Those feedbacks distilled into product scheme, and to production of series of functional prototypes which are now tested at Ankori high schools across Israel.



Medical Device


Rabin Medical Center, Clalit Health




Design inovate and engineer Miniature endoscopy hi speed device


Conceptual Design,

Mechanical Design & Engineering,

Manufacturing Supervision.

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Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 16.03.23.png
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