Interactive PhotoBooth


Modern photo booths based on the use of a digital camera, touch screen embedded over a double-sided mirror, and of the shelf computer. This assemblage of existing building blocks created a new type of object and interactions for venues, wedding receptions to bar-mitzvah parties. 


We've designed the SlimMirror for FotoMaster, with two end-users in mind the operator and the party guest. For the first, we need to create a light, durable, fast to set and foldable booth designed for a single operator. For the party guest, we've created signature design, with floating mirror and embedded back light which react to the screen UX.


Consumer Electronics, Photo Booth Rental.


Fotomaster, Israel




Durable, portable & light weight in Sheet-Metal Production Technology.

Target Audience

Professional Photographers, 


Conceptual Design

Product Design & Engineering

Manufacturing Supervision.

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Hanina Ben Dosa, 20 Tel Aviv

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