Hominis, a smallest, farthest-reaching
surgical system

Robot-assisted surgery is regarded as a must-have by doctors and patients everywhere, due to advances in precision and dexterity, superior control, device multifunctionality, ergonomics, and avoiding avoidance of hand tremor and fulcrum effects.
Yet even today’s gold-standard solutions, remain a mixed offering. Despite being mainstays of minimally minimally-invasive surgery, many robotic procedures require multi-port access, and provide limited maneuverability to the surgeon – who is furthermore required to master a massively complex, unintuitive user interface.
Due to these and other limitations, these procedures have not been proven to substantially reduce complication rates.

The Hominis™ is the only robot small and flexible enough to enable surgical procedures otherwise considered unfeasible. Its unique design provides superior surgical and ergonomics capabilities, while keeping cost and footprint to a minimum.