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   Educational modular workbench.   

MakeMobile is a moveable workshop for elementary schools enabling children to experience tinkering and making hands-on. 


MakeStation designed for students to use it freely, without the assistance of an adult (although an instructor is always present), the tools and tables are fully accessible from all sides and at hands reach. 

The MakeStation contains aside from hand tools and power tools, two secondary workbench's so that work can be done both at the main work bench or in smaller groups. This layout allows to utilize the entire classroom space during workshop time while maintaining much needed space room when folded. 

Materials and production technology are directed towards local production, this enables flexibility to changes and modifications with no requirement for advanced and excessive manufacturing methods.  


Lovetinkering is an Israeli based startup, focused on bringing back to school hands-on creative workshops, directed by Ziv Rav.

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Educational Furniture


Lovetinkering, Israel




Moveable, Heavy Duty, Child-Safe Work Bench, Low Cost, Local Production.

Target Audience

School Pupils

We Delivered

Conceptual Design

Product Design

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Production Folder

Manufacturing Management

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