Life-Saving and a first-care device for civil and military use.



A tourniquet is a device, well known in the first aid practice for civil as military use, with one yet crucial functionality- applying pressure to a limb or extremity to limit – but not stop the blood flow. The first use of this technique and device is dated to the fourth century BC at Alexander the Great's military campaigns.  


In collaboration with Persys Medical, we've developed and design first of its kind Pneumatic Tourniquet, based on the use of nitrogen cartridge and inflatable band. By lifting the lever, the gas cartridge is punctured, and the stripe around the limb is inflated. By using the gas pressure, two main goals obtained - quick blood flow occluding and homogenous pressure on the limb. 


Design's biggest challenge was creating an intuitive interface, making the device fully operational by a non-trained user. Development challenges spread on different aspects of the product, from the strap textile composition to the pneumatic mechanism, which enables the quick inflation while protecting the limb from dangerous overpressure.


First Care Medical Device


Persys Medical, Israel




A life-Saving device with zero learning curve.

Target Audience

Military & Civil First Caregivers.


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