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Medical Vibrator / Home Aid Insemination Device

Product Design‭, ‬a Look From Inside‭ ‬

Where shall we start‭, ‬how to begin a design and development project of a medical product which is also a pleasure device that at‭ ‬the same time assist in the act of creating life‭? ‬

The first step‭, ‬before we start to hand sketch and 3D design any model‭, ‬is to research and deepen our understanding of the field‭ ‬of operation‭. ‬We begin by getting to know what we don't know in each of the aspects‭. ‬At the medical perspective‭, ‬the differences between the types of optional insemination‭: ‬IVI‭, ‬ICI‭, ‬and IUI‭ - ‬which stands for Intra-Vaginal‭, ‬Intra-C‭, ‬and Intra-Uteral‭, ‬correspondingly‭. ‬To understand the bureaucracy and regulation of sperm donation‭, ‬costs‭, ‬and even shipment‭, ‬that's how we found out‭ ‬that DHL has Cryogenic shipment delivery‭, ‬which means the procedure can take place at home‭. ‬

At the same time‭, ‬we took a look at the user personas‭, ‬and more in details into the usage scenarios‭. ‬We broke them into single‭ ‬actions in an attempt to distillate new insights‭. ‬Our user can be in general under the definition of new modern families‭, ‬a term‭ ‬which address a wide range of options‭; ‬From choice mothers to gay couples‭, ‬co-parenting‭. ‬But also couples who need assistance along the way‭. ‬A very heterogenic group when it comes to fertility issues‭, ‬but with one thing in common they all typically been tagged as‭ '‬fertility patients‭' ‬once they encounter the medical institutes‭. ‬Usually‭, ‬directed to the clinic for insemination procedure although most of the time they are perfectly healthy‭, ‬they need the sperm and get it in‭. ‬And where is a need there is a solution‭, ‬digging in google‭, ‬we've found the popular yet bizarre usage of a turkey baster for the mission‭. ‬

Another important aspect of the research phase included the world of sex toys‭. ‬This field had transformed dramatically in the past 15‭ ‬years‭, ‬with the rise of design-oriented sex toy‭. ‬Companies such as Jimmyjane set a gold standard by recruiting star designer Yves Béhar‭. ‬Creating an iconic sex toy which no longer lives in the drawer but one with an updated form‭, ‬ergonomics‭, ‬and material‭ - ‬a premium product‭. ‬

Summarizing these three channels‭, ‬the medical‭, ‬user persona‭, ‬and scenario with the desired look and feel for the product we get‭ ‬the picture of the future to be the product‭. ‬This phase of product definition ends up in a detailed design plan‭, ‬product schematics‭, ‬hardware characterization‭, ‬interface position and way of use‭. ‬Now we can start designing‭. ‬


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