Self-assembly light fixture


Leliko kit consists of triangles, connectors, cable and bulb holder and enables endless design options. The lamp shade is a freestyle design, you can create one from your own imagination or simply use one of our ideas.

Additionally, all hinges and tiles can be detached and reconnected again – so you can build and rebuild as many times as you want and re-design your lamp shade every day!

Not only enjoyable, but Leliko is also functional. 

Leliko is distinguished by its ability to allow parents and children to craft
a creation, which immediately becomes a one of a kind light-fixture that decorates your child’s room - one that is uniquely yours.

Lamp shade designed by you!

That’s how it goes

Open your Leliko kit.

Use one of your parents to craft
a creation with you.

Assemble your unique light fixture.

There you go!
You have one of
a kind lamp shade.
Assemble your unique light fixture.

what's in your kit

80 Triangles 

100 Connectors

1 Pentagon

1 Square

1 Cable

1 Light socket

1 Ceiling rose