A surgeon training platform for use in Robot-assisted surgery.


Medical simulators usually try to simulate the human body as close as possible to reality, we don't. 

We've created for Memic, a pioneering company in the field of minimally -invasive procedures by robot-assisted surgery, a new way for surgeons training. 

Improving the surgeon dexterity by play and gamification rather than the traditional fashion way. We've addressed the playground in a literal way, in form, color, and function. The platform offers three different plays: Shape matching, Wire Threading, and our take on Buzz Wire, each game enables degrees of difficulty and quantitative of performance. 


Shape Matching - The pegs made by soft polymer simulating the body tissue while the shapes and sizes challenging the positioning and grasping. 


Wire Threading - composed of different sizes of rings and route cards, the doctors evaluated by the clock.  


Buzz Wire, a conductive ring over a copper wire, same as the children play, but this time with a joystick and a robotic grasper and for surgeons.  


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Robotics, Surgeons' Training


MemicMed, Israel




Create a playful yet precise and flexible training platform for surgeons, Creating a quick learning curve for the Hominis surgical system.


Conceptual Design,

Mechanical Design & Engineering,

Manufacturing Supervision.

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