We Design & Develop Products from End to End. 

Addressing market research, design layout, conceptual & detailed design, product engineering, production files in the process of new product creation.

We are industrial designers who enjoy making smart and useful products

We believe that the design process a mutual challenge both our partners and ourselves.

Our process is based on 3 main stages - Defining, designing & delivering 


Our work process begins by mutual definition of the product strategy and characterization. These insights distilled into the project, framing, project Gantt, and expected costs. 


Second, comes the stage of conceptual and detailed design. We start by drafting optional layouts which then we translate into optional configurations and concepts. Those directions are tested and evaluated by computer imaging, prototypes, and 3D printing. After selecting a configuration, we dive into each of the details of the design, interfaces positioning, materials, and textures.


Later, the detailed design translated into product engineering, turning the design into production files. I.e., part drawings, assembly instructions, and bill of materials. All those assets are the basis for the go-to production and the delivery of the design. 


We believe that the design process a mutual challenge to both our partners and ourselves. And as each product comes with its own set of challenges, the process is adjusted accordingly. Between the range of an appearance and functional prototype to full-scale production by injection molding and parts sourcing, we can find the right method for the scale. 


Established by Naty Moskovich & Yonatan Assouline,

Flamingo is set to make products happen. 

CORE team

Yonatan Assouline

Manager & Co-Founder

Naty Moskovich

Chief Designer & Co-Founder

Liat Shamsian

Marketing Manager

Dan Fishbein 

Industrial Designer

Leon Maryasin
Product Engineering

Research & Mapping

Surveying a target market, Defining the key players competitors and penetration opportunities, looking for witnesses and strength points, to find a way in.

Ideation & Strategy

Storming through ideas, strategies sketches and concepts in order to find the most effective advantages in correlation to production capabilities, price targets and user scenarios.

Development & Implementation

For development, tools of product design, product engineering are applied to reach the best possible end result, in terms of appearance and applicability.

Packing &

Finally, a product does not stand on its own, but its being communicated through its web site, brochure, package or retail stand, furthermore, it is supported by its app or other interaction tools.


We believe great design can solve problems, improve lives
and make a positive difference to the world around us.


We are Flamingo, a Product Design & Engineering Firm.

From concept to production making your idea come true.